You May Be Affected by Secondhand Drinking

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You May Be Affected by Secondhand Drinking

You May Be Affected by Secondhand Drinking

Secondhand drinking refers to the impacts on an individual brought about by someone’s drinking behaviors. While it’s a term that’s not known to many, unlike secondhand smoking, that doesn’t mean it’s not a cause of concern. Especially as it affects more than 90 million Americans today.

People who are often at the receiving end of alcohol addiction experience stress so great that it impacts not only the physical but also the mental and social aspects of their life. They may experience mental illness, difficulty sleeping, emotional disconnection, chronic headaches, and stress.

To cope, many of these people may even resort to substance abuse themselves. Others who don’t, may retreat mentally, emotionally, and socially. Secondhand drinking changes lives, that’s a fact we can’t refute. However, that’s not to say that there aren’t any ways to mitigate its negative impacts.

Recovering from secondhand drinking involves education, support, self-care, finding healthy ways to release your stress, or going to good treatment centers for help.

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