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Jun 2020

By Efosa Airuehia | 2528 Comments | Addiction Treatment, 

Sleep and Drug Addiction: What is The Relationship?

The relationship between sleep and drug addiction is bidirectional. So, what does this mean? Drugs and alcohol can cause sleep problems. Also, insomnia (inability to sleep) may increase the risk of drug addiction. This risk causes some people…

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Jun 2020

By Efosa Airuehia | 2720 Comments | Addiction Treatment, 

4 Helpful Opioid Addiction Medications You Should Know

  Addiction is a complex brain disease. There is no single way to treat this disorder. Even though traditional 12-Steps programs work, they, however, do not work for everyone. As such, it is essential to consider other modalities…

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Jun 2020

By Efosa Airuehia | 2779 Comments | Drugs and Alcohol, 

Help Your Loved One Overcome Addiction

  There’s no clear-cut alcohol addiction treatment. For it to be successful, it requires a comprehensive treatment that is designed specifically for the individual. But regardless of the severity of their alcoholism, the involvement of family members in the…

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Jun 2020

By Efosa Airuehia | 103 Comments |

Alcohol and Sleep: Effects and Treatment

  Sleep problems (insomnia) are common with short and long-term use of drugs and alcohol. Nearly 70% of patients admitted for detoxification report sleep issues. 80% of those who report sleep problems relate them to their substance use.…

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