What is Wasping? Everything You Need to Know About This New Trend

By Efosa Airuehia | 167 Comments | Drugs and Alcohol,

What is Wasping? Everything You Need to Know About This New Trend


A new trend arises in the drug world every now and again. It remains a mystery as to how these trends come to light. We know for sure that the internet plays a massive role in spreading the word. But how are these discoveries made? Wasping is one of the most recent buzzes. Unfortunately, it is not a good buzz!

Underground chemists continue to come up with designer drugs. These usually have a chemical structure similar to an existing drug. Similarly, new ways of abusing drugs pop up from time to time. What makes it scary is the lack of research with these new substances and trends. Sadly, many people lose their lives ingesting these products and trying out new techniques.

Wasping is not a term a lot of people have come across. What may come to mind with this term is something related to bugs. You would be right …………and wrong at the same time! I’ll explain it.



What is wasping?

What is Wasping?

methWasping is a new trend that involves mixing insecticide with meth. The active components in insect killers give a high in combination with meth. Wasp killer spray is the most common insecticide in this new trend.

Wasp spray is either combined with meth or used as a substitute for meth. People usually spray the liquid on the methamphetamine before using it. Also, some crystallize the liquid using hot metal sheets. Afterward, ingestion is by inhalation or shooting it into their veins (intravenous use).

For those who use wasp spray as a substitute, the aim is to get a meth-like high. Methamphetamine is a hazardous drug and has many adverse effects on the body. It seems wasping, with or without meth, has similar effects.

Unfortunately, this practice is becoming more and more common. Notably, in teenagers and younger adults. No surprise here, considering the ease of obtaining bug sprays. For really cheap, people can get a high from a convenience store or even at home.


What Are The Effects of Wasping?

People involved in this trend have reported the following:

  • experiencing “a high” or “a rush.”
  • smelling things which are not there (olfactory hallucinations)
  • a feeling of deja vu

The responses to this combination of meth and insecticides can be extremely physical. Because this practice is still new, it is uncertain how deadly it can be. We do know that many people have fallen very sick using this substance.

According to some reports, wasping creates a “zombie-like” effect on users. Likely because of the lethargy, poor coordination, and bizarre behavior it causes. This effect is, however, different from the “zombie” effect of the drug krokodil.

In addition to abusing insecticides in their original form, there are also reports about people using them to make crystal meth. This use is likely because of how cheap, and readily available bug sprays are. One thing we know for sure though is that this trend is dangerous!

In areas where this trend is common, convenience stores report high sales of wasp spray. The ingestion of this cheap fix is dangerous and potentially deadly. It is even more hazardous when inhaled.


Can Insect Killer Make You High?

Who would have thought people would get high off of bug spray? Well, it is happening! As strange as it sounds, this is becoming more common practice. So, let us talk about how pesticides work.

The active ingredient in insecticides is a class of compounds known as pyrethroids. This substance stuns and kills bugs by penetrating their nervous system. In humans, they affect the nervous system, and this can cause many abnormal effects.

Because of the over-stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system, wasping can cause the following:

  • Increase in heart rate
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Lethargy
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Poor coordination
  • Abnormal sensations
  • Tremors
  • Flushing of the face
  • Burning and itching sensations
  • Swelling and redness of the hands and feet
  • Paralysis
  • Seizures
  • Death

Even though deaths from wasping are not common, there are a few reports. Existing lung conditions such as asthma seem to increase the risk for fatalities.


Similar Trends

In addition to mixing crystal meth with wasp spray, other drugs are also used. Lacing cannabis, spice, and tobacco products with insecticides is equally dangerous. These products go by various names on the streets. Some of such names are “KD,” “Katie,” and “Zombie.”

Using these substances can give its users an immediate high lasting about an hour. Unfortunately, this can cause unresponsiveness and even death.

what is wasping?There was a report in 2018 involving a 35-year-old Tennessee man who smoked a drug called “wasp.” This was allegedly a combination of meth and bug spray. He went on a violent rampage after using this substance.

Have you ever heard of “Hot Shot?” To make this, people put some wasp spray on a screen wire. They hook it up to a battery charger and heat it. The heat crystallizes the insecticide. They then melt this and then inject it into their veins.

Of course, we know the primary use of bug sprays is indoors. They contain pyrethroids that are dangerous to bugs. According to these recent reports on wasping, they are also dangerous to humans. So, why do we use these chemicals in our homes then?

Experts say that pyrethroids are safe in small amounts. Ingesting them in large quantities, however, may cause medical problems. Breathing problems, brain damage, and seizures are some of the more severe conditions that may occur. Using bug sprays per the recommendations of the manufacturers remains safe.



So, how do you treat someone who uses insecticides with or without meth? There is no specific antidote or remedy for wasping. Treatment is usually symptomatic. What this means is that the treatment of their symptoms occurs as they arise. For example, they will be helped with breathing if they have respiratory difficulty.

There are no FDA approved medications for treating crystal meth addiction. On the contrary, there are specific medications for addiction to alcohol and opioids.

Though uncomfortable, withdrawal from meth is not life-threatening. With the insecticides, however, this is mostly unknown.

Behavioral therapies are currently the most effective treatments for addiction to meth. Hence, likely the same for wasping. Such therapies include cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational enhancement, and contingency-management interventions.

In addition to the above, it is essential to treat underlying mental health disorders. It is common knowledge that many individuals self-medicate with drugs. Treatment for depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and other mental conditions is helpful.



Wasping in a fairly new trend of mixing meth with bug spray. In some cases, the insecticide is used alone to give a meth-like effect. It is usually ingested by inhalation and shooting it into the veins. According to some reports, wasp spray is also used to make a different type of meth as it is cheap and readily available.

Insect killers have chemicals known as pyrethroids. These substances stun and kill bugs by penetrating their nervous system. High doses in humans affect the nervous system. They overstimulate the sympathetic nervous system and can cause many adverse effects. Some of the symptoms that people have reported include difficulty breathing, headaches, paralysis, and seizures. Using bug sprays according to the recommendations of the manufacturers, however, remains safe.

There are also reports of people mixing wasp spray with tobacco products, cannabis, spice, and other drugs. Unfortunately, there is no specific antidote or treatment for wasping. Management involves treating the symptoms that the patient develops. Counseling and treatment of an underlying mental illness are always helpful when someone struggles with drug use.

Some insecticide manufacturers deny that their products have such adverse effects. Despite these claims, however, it seems reasonable to be on alert for this trend. Especially considering the many reports on this illicit ingestion.

If you abuse wasp spray or know someone who does, help is available! Leave your comments and thoughts on this new trend.

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