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  • AddictionBlueprint is founded and run by an Addiction Psychiatrist. It is an evidence-based information resource, providing current information on addiction and recovery. AddictionBlueprint is an independent information hive. We have no affiliations with any addiction treatment facilities or programs. Our information is unbiased and unadulterated.
  • AddictionBlueprint is the fastest growing directory in the field. Our blog and Facebook Tribe (Inspiring Addiction Recovery) are updated regularly to keep up with new trends. AddictionBlueprint promotes your profile extensively on social media and all major search engines. We invest heavily in search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure the best possible ranking.
  • AddictionBlueprint offers a blog, a directory, community forum on Facebook (Inspiring Addiction Recovery), spotlight on great facilities, and spotlight on trendsetting addiction professionals.
  • AddictionBlueprint caters to individuals struggling with addiction, individuals in recovery, family members and friends, addiction professionals, and the general public.

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